Grow Juicy Delicious Tomatoes

Cherry Tomato HarvestI have been growing tomatoes for years.  It is really very easy to grow juicy delicious tomatoes!  There are so many varieties to choose from.  There are many different kinds of cherry tomatoes, regular size tomatoes and heirlooms!!  Now there are also different colors to choose from–yellow, pink, orange, purple and even black!  Here is a picture of Sungold tomatoes along with a larger cherry tomato that I got from my father!

Use Compost to Grow Juicy Delicious Tomatoes

Using compost to grow tomatoes helps in many different ways.

  1. It enriches the soil providing accessible food for the plants.
  2. The humus in the compost helps retain water for the tomatoes.
  3. Provides micro-organisms that enrich the growing environment.
  4. Possibly helps prevent fungal diseases of the tomatoes.

You can read more about compost and prevention of early blight at my blog post Tomato Blight and Compost.

Tomatoes Keep Growing Until the First Frost

For many years my tomatoes keep growing until the first frost.  This is a wonderful treat to be harvesting tomatoes in October.  Usually the cherry tomatoes keep growing better than the regular size tomatoes.  Sometimes they are almost overtaken by early blight.  But they seem to recuperate and put out new growth.

Sungold and Brandywine Tomatoes Are My Favorites

Two of my favorite tomatoes are Sungold and Brandywine.  Sungold are small brightly colored cherry tomatoes that are sweet and totally delicious.  Brandywine tomatoes are an heirloom tomato that embody everything an old fashioned tomato should be.  They are large, juicy and incredibly flavorful with that old fashioned tomato taste.  They are nothing like the cello tomatoes that we buy in the winter in the supermarket.  I usually have too many tomatoes so I freeze them to use in the winter in my taco beans.

Lastly I grow a large cherry tomato that I got from my father.  He doesn’t remember the name of it.  It is delicious and very prolific.  In fact each year I have these tomatoes coming up all over my garden.  They are truly amazing.  I wrote to one of the “seed-saver” companies to see if they were interested in this tomato.  Because I didn’t know the original name of it they couldn’t use it.  Try growing tomatoes.  They are easy and very rewarding!!