Grow Green Beans

It is easy to grow green beans.  One decision is whether to grow bush beans or pole beans.  Both types produce great green beans.  Bush beans growGrow Green Beans 1-2 feet high and don’t need any support , whereas pole beans need some type of support to grow on.  I don’t like picking bush beans because I don’t like to bend down to pick them.  The disadvantage to growing pole beans is that you have to supply supports for them to grow up.  The advantage is that the plants keep producing green beans, much longer than the bush beans. Pole beans can produce green beans right up until the first frost. Bush beans produce for a shorter time period.  The pole beans that I grow have a particularly beautiful pink flower as you can see from the picture.

Grow Green Beans! Harvesting Pole Beans for a While Now

I like growing pole beans because they keep producing green beans. I am still harvesting green beans and it is October.  I also like to watch them grow.  They are so exuberant and love to keep growingGrow Pole Beans upward.  When they have grown as high as the supports they keep sending up stems waving around in the air trying to find something else to grow on.   They are truly like the beans in Jack and the Beanstalk because it seems like they would grow upwards forever! I love to go out and pick them and see all the lovely green beans hanging down waiting to be picked and eaten!  And then a few days later there are a bunch more dangling in all their beauty!  You can see the twine which I use for supporting the green beans towards the top of this picture.  More about that in the next post!