Grow Blackberries!

Grow Blackberries!  They are juicy and delicious.Grow Blackberries!

I am very excited to grow blackberries and now the rewards begin!  Each day more of them are ripe and inviting me to pick them.  You move aside the leaves and there is the most luscious blackberry waiting to be picked.  They are large as you can see from the picture with the penny in it.  They are juicy and very delicious!

They are easy to grow and multiply!

Large Blackberries Next to a Penny

I am surprised at how easy they are to grow and how they multiply.  Be careful where you choose to plant them because they multiply and can take over.  These happen to be thornless so that is a plus.  These were a gift from my Dad’s garden.

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  1. Sandie Anne Post author

    Hi Carolyn,

    Thanks for the comment! That is a great idea to make jam gifts. I am also freezing some to make jam. Do you have a recipe?

    Sandie Anne

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