Groundhog Trap

We Needed a Groundhog Trap

A groundhog trap was the only solution to this problem.  (See Garden Visitor to see the first part of this story which took place last summer.) There was no way I could shoot him.  Besides I don’t have a gun and we don’t live in the country so I am sure it is against the law to shoot him.  We borrowed a Havahart Groundhog Trap from a friend and set it up with tomaotes on the inside as bait.  Apparently he doesn’t like tomatoes as much as he did when he ate my first tomato of the season because the tomato just sat in the trap and rotted.  Our groundhog was getting much more comfortable living in our yard.  At this point he was eating grass and not our garden vegetables.  I often looked out the window in the morning and see him walking around our yard.  Here is picture of him taken through the window.

We needed a Groundhog Trap.