Green Bean Trellis

Green Bean Trellis
If you grow pole beans you will need a green bean trellis. Here is a description of what I use:  I started with 2 T-trellis poles (a pole with a bar across the top so it looks like a “T”) from Home Depot.

They are 5.5 feet high once they are pushed into the ground.  I put them 11 feet apart in a line facing each other.  Next I put a 7.5 feet high tomato cage between them.  I grew cukes on this tomato cage.

I ran twine from the ground up (using anchor pins in the ground) to the top of the “T” and then up at a slant to the tomato cage from each side. The pole beans grow up the twine. I like this method because it allows for a fast clean-up after the first freeze.  I take the bean vines and the twine and throw them all in the compost bin.  It does take some time to set up all the twine but for me this is a lot easier than picking dead vines out of a wire fence.  Pictures are worth a thousand words.

Above you can see the pole beans starting to grow up the twine.  To the right you can see the structure created by the pole beans growing on the twine creating what looks like an archway.Green Bean Trellis with Twine

This method works nicely for me.  It is easy to pick the green beans on each side of the “T” trellis and also hanging from the twine as it goes up to the tomato cage.  The green beans at the top of the tomato cage are too high for me to reach so I get a chair or someone tall to pick them.  It is very satisfying to go out picking and seeing all the green beans hanging down so beautifully ready to pick.  (See pics in the last post.)

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  1. Donalyn

    Hi Sandie Anne – I wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog and the lovely comment. I love your blog! We grow a big garden, and work more and more all the time to supply our own food, so I am sure I will find lots of things to interest me here!

    Are you on Pinterest? That is such a great way to get more traffic to your blog, and yours deserves to be seen! If you go back to my blog, the Pinterest icon is up in the social media buttons – follow me and I will be sure to follow you back!

  2. Sandie Anne Post author

    Hi Donalyn,

    Thanks for the comment! I enjoyed your last post about old friends and peanut butter blondies. I definitely have to try that recipe.

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