Getting Compost Started

Getting Compost StartedIt is time for getting compost started again.  It is now March and it is time to start a new batch of compost in the Compostumbler.  I threw in a bag of leaves saved from the fall.  These leaves are not shredded.  Ideally it is best to shred the leaves.  The compost matures much faster with shredded leaves.  But I need to get this started and I don’t have time to shred the leaves.  I have too many kitchen scraps saved from the winter and they need to be composted!  You can see in the picture some of the kitchen scraps thrown in with the leaves.

Throughout the winter I don’t put compost in my compostumbler.  I cover it to preserve it from the weather.  The tumbler is made of metal so I don’t think it would be good to have compost in there freezing and re-freezing.

Getting Compost Started With Saved Kitchen Scraps

Compost in Galvanized PailSo what do you do with all the kitchen scraps during the winter.  I use small galvanized trash cans to store some of it.  These trash cans have locking lids so no animals can get into the food scraps. This winter it was so cold I stored some kitchen scraps in the shed in plastic ziplock bags.  During a warmer winter I wouldn’t do this.  This winter I think the kitchen scraps were frozen most of the  time.  Sometimes I store bags of kitchen scraps in my freezer if I have space.  It was a great relief to get all those kitchen scraps into the composter.  And to get started on another year of great compost making!  Here is more information on getting compost started from the University of Illinois Extension.