Get the Squash Bug Eggs Before They Hatch

Find the Squash bug eggs before they hatch and remove them!Get the Squash Bug Eggs Before They Hatch

Squash bugs can destroy your squash plants so it is time to search the leaves to see if there are any eggs.  They are usually on the underside of the leaves but they can also be on top.  They look like a cluster of reddish brown pin heads.  Yesterday I found plenty on my zucchini plants.  So I started ripping off the portion of the leaves where the eggs were.  I disposed of them in the trash.  I found quite a few.  By getting the eggs before they hatch you will save yourself a lot of grief.  The squash bug can also attack cucumbers, melons and tomatoes so keep a look-out for these eggs.

You can also pick off the baby Squash bugs before they spread over the zucchini!

Baby Squash Bugs Still Clustered TogetherSometimes, as you are looking for the eggs you will see that the bugs have already hatched.  At first they stay in a little cluster but then as they grow they start to spread all over the plant.  If you can get them in the little cluster that makes the job easier.  I have also found them all over the leaves and then I just try to squish them.  But they are quite fast and the job of ridding your squash plants of these squash bugs becomes that much harder.  So it really pays to get the eggs  before they hatch.

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