Get Rid of Those Garden Slugs With Escar-Go

The Garden Slugs Are Eating My Green Bean Plants

Get Rid of Those Garden Slugs With Escar-GoLast year I planted Bush Green Beans.  They were growing beautifully and then all of sudden they started to look really bad.  There was some culprit in there eating them up.  At first I didn’t know what it was and then I notice these baby mushy things on the leaves just gobbling them up.  They were baby slugs.  At first I didn’t do anything thinking it would be OK.  But they were doing a lot of damage, so much so that I wasn’t going to get any green beans.

First I Tried Beer Traps

Slugs like beer.  They will be attracted to beer and then drown in it. Garden Slug With Penny So I put several little plates filled with beer up and down the green bean row.  The next morning I had trapped several slugs.  Hooray!  But that was not nearly enough.  All the little baby slugs were still eating the green beans and not in the beer traps.  And the plates would tip and the beer would spill.  So this was not working for me.

Then I Tried Escar-Go from Gardens Alive

When I told a friend of mine all about the slug damage, she recommended that I try Escar-Go from Gardens Alive.  Gardens Alive is an online gardening company selling “environmentally responsible products that work.”  I have had amazing results with Escar-Go.  I use it all the time and my green beans, lettuce and eggplant are beautiful.  It is such a paradox that an organic garden with mulch and decaying matter produces the perfect environment for slugs as well as for healthy vegetables.