Get Rid of Groundhogs

How to Get Rid of Groundhogs

I had successfully trapped the groundhog so now the question is how do I get rid of the groundhog.  This turned out to be a much bigger problem than I had realized. Groundhogs are not wanted anywhere! (See Garden Visitor to see the first part of this story which took place last summer.)

I called lots of parks, gardens and nature centers to ask for permission to release this groundhog.  All said NO–groundhogs are pests and no one wants them around:

  1. They dig burrows leaving holes in the ground which are dangerous for animals and people.
  2. They dig under sheds or farm buildings undermining their foundations.
  3. They multiply rapidly–there is a saying “If you have one groundhog, there are definitely more.”

Fortunately I haven’t seen anymore in my garden.

Then  I called local government offices.  I found out that citizens are not allowed to trap wild animals and they are not allowed to transport them.  I was starting to panic a little because I had this groundhog and no way to get rid of him.

One naturalist suggested that I call pest control companies.  Several wouldn’t touch him with a ten foot pole because he was already trapped.  Others wanted a lot of money to pick him up and exterminate him.  Then I started calling pest control companies in the country and I finally found a trapper who would help me for $40.  And if we brought the groundhog to his house he would let him go in the corn field in his backyard. Get Rid of Groundhogs That was GREAT news to me–I didn’t really want to kill him though he was certainly nasty in that cage!