Garter Snakes in Leaf Bags

Garter snakes in leaf bags are also something to look out for.  As I said in my last post about garter snakes in compost bins,  I always wonder way in the back of my mind if I am going to encounter a snake as I am pulling leaves out of the bag for the compost pile….

Garter Snakes in Leaf BagsAlmost a semi-conscious thought….  Well it finally happened!  I was pulling leaves out of a bag and low and behold there was a fat garter snake right in front of my eyes that I had just pulled out of the bag!  Whoa that was scary because I don’t really like snakes.  As opposed to my husband or grandson who would just grab the snake.  Again I didn’t get a picture because snakes escape really fast.  A few days later I did find a snake skin in a different leaf bag so snakes living in leaf bags could be much more common than we realize!  This snake skin as you can see from the picture was not tiny.  It is not huge either but it did come from a quite large garter snake.  It is easy for them to crawl into the bags because there is always a small opening where the bag is tied up.

Be Careful About Garter Snakes in Leaf Bags As You Remove the Leaves

Garter Snakes in Leaf BagNow I am much more careful about getting the leaves out.  I am not putting my hands into a bag of leaves anymore!  Not that I think garter snakes are bad.  They are part of nature and the circle of life so more power to them if they live in my compost or leaf bags.  (Poisonous snakes are another matter altogether.) I am now prepared to encounter garter snakes with gloves on my hands or a spade to dig through the bags! And as you can see I found another snake in a leaf bag. This time I was able to get his picture!

Here is a very interesting link on how valuable leaves are for compost All About Leaves for Composting.