Gardening and Composting

Gardening & Composting -Great Partners

Gardening and composting go hand in hand with each other.  Compost greatly enhances the garden soil.  Having a compost bin provides a place to put all the trash and weeds from the garden.  Believe me, there can be a lot of waste from the garden, including dead flowers, vegetables, weeds and leaves.  I have filled up a Compact Compost Tumbler a few times this season alone, with all the garden and kitchen waste.

Composting Recycles All the Dead Garden Waste

It is the old cycle of life and death and recycling.  All the microorganisms in the compost recycle the waste so that it is usable and actually very nurturing for the soil.  Gardening and composting together is a great system.  And they are a great way to “Go Green”  and work on making the Earth a healthier place to live!

My Experiences Gardening and Composting

This website is all about my experiences gardening and composting.  I have used different kinds of composters with different results and have in the last few years been creating worm compost also!  Worm compost can be accomplished inside the house in a worm bin.  I have instructions on how to make a cheap and easy worm bin on this site.

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Happy Gardening and Composting!