Garden Visitor

It is now winter and the holidays–the garden is dormant–time to take a rest… For the next few posts I would like to share a story that happened in my garden this summer.

Early morning garden visitor

Early one morning, I went out to my garden just to see how things are going and to do a little digging to plant new seeds.  I had planted pole beans about 2 weeks before.  They were growing nicely, about 3-4 inches high.  It was almost time to set up the twine for the pole beans to grow up.

I see a medium sized furball waddling away

I was surprised to see a medium sized furball waddling away, quickly, to hide underneath our shed.  I was even more surprised –let’s say shocked– to see that all the new delectable green bean plants had been devoured.  All the leaves were chomped off leaving only the stems.  I was devastated to see only the little stems left.  I couldn’t believe that this animal would come into my garden and do so much damage.  And he had the audacity to hide under our shed!

I didn’t know what the garden visitor was because I am not so familiar with wild animals.  In the meantime,  I quickly planted more beans so that I would have my second crop of pole beans.  And I put up a temporary fence around the seeds so he couldn’t eat them again.  I already had the fence because one spring the rabbits ate all my new sugar snap pea seedlings.  The fence worked well and the green beans re-grew just fine.  Stay tuned to the next post Garden Problems to continue the story!

A Happy Holiday season to all!