Free Red Worms-Start Worm Composting Now

Free Red Worms-Start Worm Composting Now

Free Red WormsThis is an offer for all my blog readers in the United States not including Alaska and Hawaii.  The perfect chance to go green and start worm composting!!  My red worms keep multiplying so I would like to give some away.  I am having a Free Red Worm Giveaway Contest.  All you need to do is post a comment to this page and tell me what kind of worm bin you are going to use and when you will have it readily available.  Then look over my blog and find a post that interests you and post another comment!!!  Simple!  On July 4th, 2011 I will draw the winner out of a hat and will announce it on this blog!

250 Red Worms Free!

This offer includes 250 mostly adult red worms which equals about 1/4 lb of worms.  They will be shipped in damp shredded newspaper with some worm castings by priority mail.  Also included will be many worm cocoons which will hatch into baby worms to populate your worm bin.  They will be shipped out July 5th or July 11th depending on the temperatures.  The package will arrive with delivery confirmation.  If there are any problems you must call within one hour of the delivery, otherwise I will assume the worms got there safely.  Please open your package and put the worms in their new home immediately.  I will email you when they are shipped.

More information on Worm Composting

Here are 2 links about What Worms Eat and More Info on How to Feed Worms.  I thought you might like to read over these blog posts to see how easy it is to feed red wigglers.  Here is a post on Cheap and Easy Vermi-composting Bins.  Having a worm bin does not mean that you have to spend a lot of money.  Good Luck to everyone!

13 thoughts on “Free Red Worms-Start Worm Composting Now

  1. Tina Jo

    Hey Sandie Anne

    I would use the Sterlite 10 gal that you mention in one of your posts. I also found it at WalMart. I am shredding paper now so I will be ready by July 4th!

    Tina Jo

  2. Katherine

    I have these big barrells that I cut the top off of for rain, I will use one of them for the worms. It is ready at any time to use. i have a friend I work with that has done this and it works great.

  3. Sandie Anne Post author

    Hi Katherine,

    You are the winner of the 250 free Red Wigglers. Congratulations! I will send them out right away.

    Sandie Anne

  4. Nawachat Stewart

    I started my worms bin (2000 worms) about 8 months ago. Last month, I harvested my bin. I think I got more worms than when I start, but I didn’t weigh them. Also, I saw a lot of cocoons. I took all the worms (and cocoons as much as I can) out of the old bin, put in the new bedding. Two days later, I when to look at the bin. I was chock because all my worms are melting. I was very sad, upset and very mad at myself. I knew that I did something wrong. When I opened the lid, I felt the heat came out. It might be from the ripen mangoes skin (a lot of them). I think it gave too much acid into the bin and kill all of them.

    Luckily that I still have the compost that I harvested from the bin and still had some cocoons in there. So, I created the new bin very carefully. I checked this morning to see that I have some luck. I saw some white creatures. I read your articles and for sure they are pot worms. I saw nothing but pot worms. Please advise. Do you think that I still have baby red worms in the bin? I’m sure I have a lot when I harvested.

    My website hasn’t run yet. It’s still under construction. I’m still new with this field, but I’m learning. I will bookmark your site and will come to visit again. You share a lot of informative articles. Thank your for sharing your knowledge.

    I know that I’m late for the free worms, but I still want to share my bad experience to others. Therefore, nobody will make the same mistake as I did.

    Wish me luck for this new bin.

    Thank for let me share my story.


  5. Sandie Anne Post author

    Hi Emy,

    I am sorry to hear about your bad experience. Hopefully your story will help others not to make the same mistake. I have put mango skins in the worm bin but only one at a time and it worked out fine. Maybe it was just too many mangoes.

    My first worm bin was a failure because I put in too much food and it became a soggy, fruit fly filled mess. I think it is always better to err on the side of not giving enough food because the worms will eat the newspaper bedding. Then add a little more at a time to see how they handle it. I learned this from my experience.

    Good luck with your new bin! Where are you located?

    Sandie Anne

  6. Sandie Anne Post author

    Hi Emy,

    Sorry I missed your questions. Pot worms can seemingly take over. I think I would try to get some of them out of the worm bin. I would think that you have cocoons in there but they will take some time to hatch. I always miss cocoons when I harvest my worm bin. What kind of bedding are you using?

    Sandie Anne

  7. Maria Corrales

    I’m hoping that you can help me.

    Doctor/Professor Jesse Herbert of Southern Vermont College teaches an Environmental Studies class. Our class will be involved with community
    projects that help the enviroment. I’m working on creating compost
    bins. A total of 6 for the community. But, I learned that red worms
    can be very expensive.

    I read your article above. May I ask for your assistance.
    Can we get red wigglers/worms for our project?

    Please. Pretty please!

    Thank you

  8. Sandie Anne Post author

    Hi Maria,

    I would be happy to send you some free worms if you pay the postage. Please understand that these worms aren’t used in compost bins. In a proper compost bin the heat would kill them. They are used in their own composting system. Please read more on my website about worm composting. I have lots of interesting information. You could start with Making a Cheap and Easy Worm Bin. It is amazing how worms can transform shredded newspaper, food scraps and cardboard into rich, crumbly, black worm compost. Please post here to let me know if you are interested.

    Good Luck!
    Sandie Anne

  9. Kenny

    Can anyone help me out with some free red worms? I just got a worm case for worm tea and i need worms for it. Any amount will help. Thanks.

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