Folded Newspaper Absorbs Moisture in Worm Bin

Folded Newspaper Absorbs Excess Moisture in Worm Bin

It has been amazing how folded newspaper absorbs excess moisture in worm bin.  But when life gets very busy getting kids off to college, sometimes I miss how wet the worm bin has become.  So, I still try to check my worm bins once a week to make sure the worms are doing well–not too wet or dry and no nasty odor.  One worm bin was getting too wet on the bottom so I knew it was time to fold up some newspaper to absorb the moisture at the bottom of the bin.

Moving Around the Worm Bedding Aerates the Bin

In the process of checking I move around the bedding, looking at the bottom of the bin.  This actually aerates the bin, giving the worms oxygen.  I didn’t have time to shred newspaper or cardboard so I used folded newspaper in the worm bin which I wrote about in a previous post.

Folded Newspaper Absorbs Moisture in Worm Bin Very Well

Now around a week later, I see that the folded newspaper worked very well.  It absorbed the excess moisture quite nicely.

Folded Newspaper Absorbs Moisture in Worm Bin

Folded newspaper showing air spaces

I used about 8 folded newspapers because there was a lot of moisture, though not enough to go out drainage holes if there were any.  I removed it and laid it on top of the worm bedding to keep the bin damp.  Because I had so much newspaper I laid it out in some other bins also.  I replaced the folded newspaper with lots of dry, shredded newspaper and cardboard in the bottom of the bin.  Then I piled the wet bedding on top and now we are good to go!

If there is too much moisture in the worm bin, it could be that you have too many worms in there.  Or you could be feeding them too much high moisture food.  Anyway, if the worm bin is getting too wet in the bottom it is time to make some changes.  Maybe separate out some worm or feed drier foods–maybe not so much watermelon rind even though they love it! You could also add more bedding.  Try to evaluate if there is a problem.  If there are a ton of worms in there I would definitely take some out and make a new worm bin.