Finished Planting Tulip Bulbs

I am so excited.  I just finished planting my tulip bulbs. I had a few tulip bulbs left after planting over 100 bulbs.  At the beginning of December I was busy planting daffodil bulbs.  I had over 300 daffodil bulbs to plant because I had dug up some of my bulbs and separated them out so they would grow better.  All together I have planted over 400 bulbs.  That was a big job!

Finished Planting Tulip Bulbs in the Snow

Finished Planting Tulip BulbsThis morning it was snowing so I tried digging anyway just in case the ground had not frozen.  Sure enough it was fine and I planted my last 4 tulip bulbs while it was snowing!  You can see the snow is already covering the dirt where I dug the hole for the tulips.

400 Bulbs is a Bit Overwhelming!

Most of the time when I was planting it was cold outside.  Except for last weekend when it was in the high sixties.  I managed to plant over 100 bulbs that day.  But, I must admit, when I started I was planting one bulb per hole.  Then I started digging the hole a little bit bigger and I put 2 bulbs per hole.  Last weekend when it was warm I dug the holes even wider and put 5-6 bulbs per hole.  That is why I was able to accomplish planting over 100 in one day!

Daffodil Bulb EmergingI was becoming intimidated by the cold so I started planting bulbs in the house.  I found all my available pots and now have 46 bulbs growing in the house.  Hopefully I will have beautiful flowers in the house in February or March.  Just like the ones you can buy at Trader Joe’s in the late winter.  Three have already emerged. Here is a picture of one of them.

I read an article online from The Netherlands Flower Bulb Information Center.  It says that if you have bulbs and it is late go ahead and plant them.  Even if you are really late because bulbs are great survivors and they might come up anyway.  So that is the advice that I followed while I planted tulips in late December in the snow!