Daffodils and Freezing Cold Weather

What is going to happen with my daffodils and freezing cold weather? Our weather is so sporadic. February days of soft balmy 75 degrees speeds up the flowering of the daffodils. And then freezing cold nights in the lower 20’s. Last year I wrote about brown tips on daffodils caused by similar sporadic weather; warm days in January getting the daffodils growing maybe a little earlier than usual. And then very cold weather at night which damages the tips on the daffodil leaves. See my post on brown tips on daffodil leaves to see that there wasn’t any damage to the daffodil flowers!

Each year is an experiment to see what plants can survive freezing temperatures.  Sugar snap peas can survive light frosts that will totally kill green beans.  My crocuses just survived 2 nights in the low 20’s but they are usually emerging in the snow.  I am very curious how the crocus flower can survive such cold temperatures.  The flower looks so soft and delicate but it is tough!

Can Daffodils and Freezing Cold Weather Still Produce Flowers

The daffodils are starting to bloom after some very warm days that we had this spring.  Then BAM! we have 2 nights in the low 20’s.  The next morning I see that several partially emerged flowers are drooping at the top of the stalk.  See the picture on the left.  Some flower buds are actually resting on the ground. I am wondering if the freeze damaged that part of the stalk because it is so thin there so it can’t hold the weight of the flower.  Update!  These flowers did recover during the warmth of the next day even though it was in the 30’s!!

Not all the flowers are affected.  I decide to cut off a few of these bent over flowers at the bend to put in water in the house.  I don’t want to totally lose them.  (See picture at top left.) Then I will watch and see if the other flowers recover. There are always learning experiences in the garden!  See my next post on Frozen Daffodils to see what I’ve learned about daffodils and freezing cold weather and the snow!