Curled Leaves Herbicide Damage

Curled leaves herbicide damage is a common occurrence even if you haven’t sprayed aCurled Leaves Herbicide Damageny herbicide.  Have you noticed curled leaves on any of your vegetables? I mean where the edges are curling up in a drastic way.  To the left is a sugar snap pea leaf where the edges are curling up in a weird way. Below is a picture of oregano where the leaves are curling so much that you can’t even recognize them as leaves.

Curled Leaves Herbicide Damage?

I came out to my garden one morning and found all these curled leaves and I had no ideaCurled Leaves Herbicide Damage on Oregano Plant what was wrong.   My eggplant seedlings were completely damaged.  They never even grew. Needless to say I was very upset to see all this happening.  I knew that herbicides could cause this problem but I don’t use any herbicides in my garden.  I have an organic garden.  So I was very confused.  I started looking up insect damage but I wasn’t successful.  And why would the insect damage be the same on two completely different plants–sugar snap peas and oregano??  It just didn’t make any sense to me.

Neighbors Love Garden Chemicals

After thinking about this for a while I decided to ask my neighbor’s son (who has a garden) if he knew of any herbicide use.  Lo and behold his father had sprayed an herbicide a few days before and it had drifted over to my garden through the chain link fence. Herbicide drift is a common problem in the agricultural world. Now what am I going to do with these neighbors who love chemicals and will just spray indiscriminately.  The son really would prefer an organic garden but the parents like perfection in their yard.  I got up my courage to talk to them and it worked out very well.  Prior to the talk I was thinking about how I could block off my garden from theirs. This included putting up sheets or cardboard next to the chain link fence to block any herbicide drift.  But I didn’t have to do that in the end.  They were very apologetic about the damage and said they weren’t going to spray anymore.

Below are pictures of normal oregano and sugar snap pea leaves.

Normal Oregano Leaves Without Herbicide Damage

Normal Sugar Snap Peas Without Herbicide Damage