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I have been gardening for over 34 years.  I think it is in my genes.  My father had a garden up until he was 85.

I have been composting for a few years now.   After having tried many short-cut inexpensive methods, a few years ago I bought a compost tumbler that I am very excited about.

My other passion is worm composting.  This will be my eighth year of worm composting.  I live in Maryland and am interested in gardening and composting in the easiest ways.  Worm composting is definitely easier than regular composting but each has its pluses and minuses.

Be sure to click on my Gardening Worm Composting Blog for great info and lots of advice!

Here is my email address if you would like to contact me:



3 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. Kiki

    Appreciated your entry about the galvanized steel and using it in the garden. So what have you decided? I am considering using galvanized steel mesh to block gophers in my garden but am still a little hesitant.
    Nice blog btw. 🙂

  2. Erika

    I wanted to know if I could edge my organic vegetable garden with brick or would it leach toxins into the soil. I was told not to use pressure treated wood or cinder blocks.

    Thank you

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