Compost Delivery from Veteran Compost

Compost Delivery from Veteran CompostThis year I have a 4 yard compost delivery from Veteran Compost.  There is just no way I can produce that amount of compost from my compost tumblers.  Don’t get me wrong–my tumblers are great.  It is wonderful to process all our food scraps into rich, crumbly compost but that is on a small scale.

I decided that my garden could use the compost and maybe I could use it as a mulch also.  I am experimenting to see if the compost will help the early blight that my tomatoes keep getting each year.

Four yards is a lot of compost and I was quite excited for the delivery and maybe a little apprehensive that it would be a huge amount and take up a lot of space.  I also was worried about moving all the compost from the pile where it would be dumped into my garden.  But I decided to take the plunge and deal with it.

Compost Delivery from Veteran Compost Worked Out Great

It all worked out really great.  I ordered it from Veteran’s Compost in Aberdeen, Maryland.  Justen delivered the compost in huge trash cans–12 of them.  The trash cans had wheels on them so Justen could roll them to wherever I wanted.  So the compost was dumped in piles all up and down my garden!  I didn’t have to worry about moving it at all from one huge pile.  If a dump truck had deliverd the compost it would have been dumped in a huge pile.  Then  I would have had to transport it in my wheel barrow to my garden.  This worked out in the best way possible!! Thanks to Justen at Veteran’s Compost.

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  1. Kim Roman

    LOVE Veteran Compost. I use both their food/wood compost and their vermicompost (worm poop) for my small business. Nothing but the best for my customers.

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