Cleaning up the Green Bean Trellis

Green Bean Trellis Vines Wrapped Around Twine
Cleaning up the green bean trellis was much easier than I expected! On a beautiful warm day in December (who can believe this weather??) I cleaned up the green bean trellis and I was so grateful that I grow my pole beans on twine!  It might be a pain in the spring,  when I have to set up all the twine but I could look at it as a meditative exercise–just slowly setting up the twine and encouraging the green bean seedlings to wrap around it.

Using Twine for Pole Beans is So Worth it

All I had to do is pull up the anchors that are holding down the twine, retrieve the anchor to save for next year and then just start cutting twine and vine.  Snip, snip throw some into the compost.  Cut, cut and throw some more into the compost!  The twine breaks down in the compost as well as the vines.  It is great–sure beats picking off all the vines off a metal trellis!  They are stubborn andGreen Bean Vines After Frost can really wrap themselves around so that they are very hard to get off.

In the top picture you can see very little twine–it is the gray stuff in the middle of all the vines.  The vines are brown and dead now after being killed by frost.  But they still are hard to get off if you are picking them off a metal fence-like trellis.  In the bottom picture you can see much more of the twine because there are fewer vines.  All I did was cut through the vines and the twine with scissors.  A piece of cake clean-up!

Here here to growing green beans on twine!!  Read more about my Green Bean Trellis.