City Composting

City composting can present its challenges.  I have been composting in the city for a few years now and have 3 main considerations:

  • to create compost from my yard waste and food scraps to enrich my garden
  • keep my food and yard waste out of the landfill
  • make sure that I don’t provide food for rats and other nocturnal creatures.

Even though we live in the city, I have been told that a raccoon was seen going under our shed and we have seen opossums and foxes not to mention the rats that are in every city.

I just returned from my nephew’s graduation in Portland, Oregon.  Portland is a very interesting, beautiful city.  It does rain for a good part of the year, which I was told, creates a temperate rain forest– very lush and green.  Of course, on the sunny days you can see Mt. Hood from the city which is very impressive.

Mt. Hood from Pittock MansionAnother impressive fact to me about Portland is that they have curbside composting.  The city collects kitchen and yard waste for composting.  This started in 2011 and has been in effect for about 6 months so far.  Can you imagine how much is saved from going into the landfills??  And the waste is being composted and sold to landscapers and gardeners.  I am just so impressed with this.  I wish more cities could do this. Here is information about composting in Portland.  There is a video about SuperKids Rescue which is very cute.

I still do composting in my own backyard.  I have the best results with the Compact Compost Tumbler. Read more about my experiences composting in the backyard at Compostumbler Compost is Finished and Creating Black Gold with my Compost Tumbler.  Go green and explore the idea of composting in the backyard if your city doesn’t do curbside composting.  It will all make a difference and you will get good compost for your house plants, flowers or vegetables.

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  1. Sandie Anne Post author

    Hi Clare,

    Thanks for your comment! Have you tried worm composting? It is something that is quite easy to do and creates great compost from kitchen scraps and newspaper. Did you see my post on finished worm compost?

    Here’s to going green!
    Sandie Anne

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