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Mindfulness and Appreciation in the Garden

How many of us need to learn mindfulness and appreciation in the garden?  Everyone is in such a rush and our world moves so quickly.  Do we ever take time for mindfulness and appreciation in the garden?  I am writing in memory of my father who recently died.  He taught me a love of gardening. I will always be thankful for this gift of love.  He did some quirky things like using fish as garden fertilizer.  By remembering his behavior I could learn a subtle lesson.  I have not mastered this lesson yet.  He was excellent in this behavior and didn’t need any lessons in mindfulness and appreciation in the garden.

Mindfulness and Appreciation in the Garden Demonstration

After any job or project in the garden my father would sit in his lawn chair and have a beer.  Then he would just look over what he had accomplished.   It didn’t matter whether it was building his sheds, roto-tilling the garden, burying fish, axing out a huge stump, or planting tomato seedlings.  My father would always sit afterwards and look over what he had done.  I realize now that he was modeling lessons in mindfulness and appreciation.  It would be very beneficial to me if I could learn how to do this.

Always Rushing From One Task to the Next…

mindfulness-and-appreciation-in-the-gardenIn my busy life I have lots of goals.  We all do!  I always say let’s celebrate when we accomplish a goal.  One example is after we picked all the tomatoes and peppers from our garden before the first frost.  I want to take the time to acknowledge that we finished and did a good job.  I want to be mindful of our task and appreciate that we have all these great vegetables near the end of November.  Then have some relaxation as a reward for finishing.  But I often don’t really acknowledge the ending.  I just move on to the next task.  I would like to learn from my father how to take the time for mindfulness and appreciation in the garden after tasks finished and well done.  Maybe we could sit in our lawn chairs, look over the bowls filled with our harvest, look over our garden that has produced so much this summer–and be mindful and appreciate.  And maybe have a glass of wine or a beer and enjoy!

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Frost Kills New Leaves

This is an update on an earlier blog post when bush leaves emerged in the winter.  In January of this year we had some very warm days.  I noticed buds ready to open and small baby leaves that did emerge near where I work.  I was worried that a future frost kills new leaves and then the tree wouldn’t have any leaves the next spring.  I started watching them to see what would happen; if the colder days ahead would kill the new leaves eventually….

Is My Worry that Frost Kills New Leaves Going to Happen

Frost Kills New LeavesFor a while the leaves were OK even when the temperature went below freezing at night.  Eventually the leaves died because it was too cold.  In the spring I checked again and many more leaves did emerge.  Here is a picture of the new growth.  You can see a small remnant of one brown dead leaf.  So I don’t worry so much when leaves emerge now during warm days in the dead of winter.  Hopefully this phenomenon applies to all trees and bushes.  Of course, there is no new growth when fruit tree flowers freeze and die because of a late frost.  The farmer at our local farmer’s market lost a lot of his apricots this year because of a late frost.

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