Bush Leaves Emerged in Winter

Bush Leaves Emerged in WinterThese bush leaves emerged in winter!  We had several days that are just like spring in December–maybe a little warmer than the spring.  We had temperatures in the mid seventies.  This is all very strange.  These leaves in the picture emerged at this time and have already been through a few nights with temperatures in the teens and so far they look fine.   Lots of my daffodil bulbs are coming up.  Some are 5-6 inches high but most are about 3 inches high.  So far the leaves have not been damaged by the frosts.  (Update May 2016:  They were actually damaged.  The frost killed the tips of the leaves and turned them brown.  The daffodil flowers bloomed beautifully.)  Last year we had temperatures at 0 degrees, The daffodils that were already growing only had a little damage right on the tips.  They grew fine in the spring.

Buds Emerging in WinterI am noticing that some buds are getting ready to bloom. Here is a picture of a bush near where I work and the buds are becoming very pronounced.  Some have already bloomed into leaves as you can see in the picture above.  I always worry when this happens.  Is Spring going to arrive and all the buds are dead because they have been frozen???  They get tricked into growing because the weather is warm and then BAM!  we have these very cold nights where they could totally freeze.


What Happens When Bush Leaves Emerged in Winter

I never know what happens to these buds and leaves.  The truth is that we didn’t used to have such cold winters as last year.  I don’t remember a winter when we had a lot of nights at 0 degrees.  In fact, I don’t remember the temperature reaching such a low temperature.  So now that I have pictures of these leaves and buds, I am going to watch them over the winter. I’ll be watching to see if they make it to spring alive and well.  Then I will post what happens.  Maybe these plants are programmed to survive these low temperatures even if they emerge too early.  Here is the update for what happened to these leaves:  Frost Kills New Leaves.

Chicory Blooming December 28I have one more picture of an unusual occurrence. We were out walking December 28th and lo and behold, we see flowers blooming!  We saw several chicory flowers that were beautiful but way out of season.  It was really delightful to see this in December.  Since then it has gotten very cold.  I looked at the leaves in the picture above today. They are still fine.  I will post again in the spring about how they survive.