Building a Cold Frame with Bales of Straw

Building a Cold Frame from Straw Bales

Arugula in straw bale cold frame

Building a cold frame can help winter vegetables survive cold, frosty nights.  I put together a very makeshift cold frame using straw bales and floating row covers.  I have arugula, swiss chard, beets and lettuce growing this winter.  The straw-bale cold frame is working great.  This week we had a night of 19 degrees and several nights in the 20′s.  I checked everything today and harvested arugula, beets and beet greens.  These beets were not in the cold frame and 0ne beet still had frost on it.  The plants are looking a little wilted but I think they will perk up on the next warmer day.  The white in the arugula picture is the floating row cover, used for protection from freezing which I pulled back to cut some arugula.

2 thoughts on “Building a Cold Frame with Bales of Straw

  1. Sandie Anne Post author

    Hi Augusta,

    You are absolutely right! It snowed, just a little and it started to cave in. I am brainstorming to fix this because I think the straw bale walls are very good and keep the plants warmer. Right now I have a large screen under the floating row cover. I am looking for a window or a piece of rigid clear plastic to put over the cold frame. I looked at plexiglass at Home Depot but it was $100 for the size I need. In the meantime the arugula is doing great!
    Thanks for the comment–Sandie Anne

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