Brown Tips on Daffodil Leaves

Brown Tips on Daffodil LeavesI have brown tips on daffodil leaves. I know why they are there! It is from frost damage. The daffodils started growing in January which was very early. In January this year we had very warm weather for several days and the daffodils started poking out of the ground. And then of course it got freezing again and the freeze damaged the daffodils leaving brown tips on daffodil leaves. The good news is that this damage, on the tips of the leaves, does not affect the flowering of the daffodil bulbs. I had beautiful daffodil flowers this year!

But You Are Left With Brown Tips on Daffodil Leaves

The daffodil leaves always turn yellow and brown after the flowers die.  The leaves dry up and turn yellowy brown gradually until they are all dead.  This is normal for bulbs.  There could be other reasons there are brown tips on daffodil leaves.  So you have to check out what is actually your problem and that there isn’t some disease or pest involved.  Check out What to Do With Yellow Leaves on Daffodils.

Great Idea to Cut Off Brown Tips on Daffodil Leaves

I had a brilliant idea to cut off the brown damaged part of the leaves.  I decided to make a game of it with my 4 and 8 year old grandchildren.  Little kids love to cut so we had a grand time cutting off the brown tips of the daffodils.  One great idea leads to another!!  I’m always bothered every spring by the leaves slowly turning brown after the flowers die.  I don’t want to fully cut down the leaves from the bulbs because the green leaves are soaking up the sun. Through photosynthesis they are creating food for the underground bulbs.

So after I had my cutting party with my grandchildren I decided to cut off the brown in the leaves once a week.  This makes the daffodil patch look so much better!  Even without the exuberance of grandchildren it is a pleasant, meditative experience with great results!  The garden is looking better than usual this time of year.  And the daffodil leaves are still available for photosynthesis to feed the bulbs for the next year of blooming.

Dying Daffodils In BackgroundThis method will help for a while.  After some time there is just no way for the daffodils to look good as the leaves are turning brown.  At the moment I don’t have a solution for this.  You could just cut off the leaves.  If they are green they are still producing food for the bulbs.  So take your pick–cut off all the leaves at this point or have a mess for a little while.  One could rationalize that they have already made plenty of food for the bulbs.  So I do a little of each.  Cut some down and leave some.  Here is a picture with the daffodils turning brown in the background.  In the foreground is some Butterfly Weed (Asclepias Tuberosa) which is a perennial.  It would be good to have a lot of perennials planted in the daffodil bed so they come up as the daffodils die.  Mostly I plant zinnias in the daffodil bed.  And eventually my daffodil bed is beautiful again with gorgeous zinnias!