Best Poppies Ever!

Poppy Flowers Don’t Multiply From Year to Year

For many years now, my two poppy plants bloom with about the same amount of poppies each year.  Even though the flowers are gorgeous, they don’t increase in number from year to year.  I have often wondered how to increase their production.  This year, after my trip to Veteran’s Compost, I decided to mulch them with the compost that I  bought.

Poppies Mulched With Compost

The poppies were just beginning to grow so I put compost all around them.  It looked very pretty with the nice green contrasted with the dark brown compost.  More Poppy Buds Than EverA few weeks later as the buds emerged I noticed that there were a lot more buds than ever before.  I saw that we were going to have quite a beautiful set of poppies this year.

No Other Changes Except For Compost Mulch

I didn’t add anything elseBest Poppies Ever or do anything differently from previous years except mulch with the compost.  So it could be that the mulch that I added gave the plants the added nutrients to produce more poppies.  We certainly enjoyed them.  One neighbor commented that she might want to plant some poppies.  They were so pretty you could see them all the way down the street!