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Too Many Worms!

Too Many WormsLast summer, after worm composting for a few years, I ran into a delightful problem(from one point of view!) Too many worms! Oh no!  Now I am on my 3rd worm composting bin.  The worms just keep multiplying and they need more space.  The great positive in this situation is that my worm bins are healthy environments and the worms are just having a party in there munching up the kitchen scraps and multiplying like crazy.

Now I need more worm bins.  I have seen pictures of worm composting businesses who have shelves of Rubbermaid composting bins!  I didn’t really want to have so many worm bins. I wasn’t doing this to sell worms or compost.  All I wanted was some worm compost for my garden.  So all this was getting out of hand for me and I didn’t know what to do!!

Of course if you want to sell worms this would be a great situation for you!  If you are thinking about getting started worm composting here is a great blog post: Cheap and Easy Vermicomposting.

One Solution to Too Many Worms

I had been thinking about this for a while. I wondered what do the worms do out in the real world. They are composting worms, they live in decaying matter or manure piles–not in the dirt like a nightcrawler.  (They don’t burrow into the ground for several feet like a nightcrawler.  See my cool picture of a nightcrawler compared to a composting worm.)  They have to live through the summer and the winter out in nature.  They don’t have controlled temperatures of 50-75 degrees so I figured that they should be able to live outside–not in the dirt necessarily–but in decaying matter or manure.  So I have decided to put some of the worms outside!  I am going to first experiment with putting a worm bin outside and see how it does.  See my next post for more info!


American Goldfinch Feeder

Feed American Goldfinches!

American Goldfinch FeederAmerican Goldfinch

This is a very special American Goldfinch Feeder. It is made so the birds have to go upside down to feed. Only a few birds are able to do this. This really helps when you are buying Nyjer seed which is quite expensive. Every Tom, Dick and Harry bird cannot eat at this feeder which saves the seeds for the American Goldfinch. I say this because I have other bird feeders that I fill up to the top with seed and the seed is gone in one day because all the birds eat from it. If all the birds were eating Nyjer seed I would go broke!

I discovered the American Goldfinch because I had Purple Coneflower planted in my garden. They came to eat the seeds. They are very beautiful and I wanted them to come around a lot. So I learned what they like and got a special bird feeder for them. They love Nyjer seed and they like fresh Nyjer seed. Once I had a 20lb bag of Nyjer seed around for a while and eventually the goldfinches weren’t coming anymore. I read on the internet that they don’t like stale seed! Sure enough when I put fresh seed in they were back! So you have to be careful don’t buy too much seed at one time and if it gets wet from the rain shake up the bird feeder a few times so it can dry! To the left you can see what a delightful view I have from my dining room window! Click her for a forum on feeding the American Goldfinch.