Are Buttercups Weeds?

One day I heard a very vague knock at my door, so quiet I wasn’t even sure it was a knock.  My three year old grandson was knocking at the storm door because he couldn’t open it (he’s too little).  That was why I could barely hear the knock.  In his hand he had a bunch of buttercups for me.  What a wonderful and delightful surprise!!Are Buttercups Weeds I really love buttercups though they are called a weed.  The yellow is very brilliant and beautiful and they make me smile.  Most of his bouquet had stems that were an inch long therefore not really usable.  I managed to find a few with good stems and put them in  a small vase.

This is about the small gifts in life and those special moments.  There is some goodness in weeds though a lot of them plague us like creeping Charly in the vegetable garden.  Dandelions are certainly bothersome though their leaves are very nutritious and they are sold in Whole Foods.  I have been reading about meditating and taking moments of “not-doing”.  This was a moment to slow down, appreciate and enjoy.  Jon Kabat-Zinn says in his book Wherever You Go There You Are : . . . choosing simplicity whenever possible adds to life . . . many opportunities to discover that less may actually be more.

One thought on “Are Buttercups Weeds?

  1. Teresa

    That was a very nice story. I love the quote about simplicity. I have a photo with my husband and his father fishing in a canoe. I crossed stitched the saying….Simple Pleasures are Life’s Treasures. Your buttercups remind me of this saying.

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