Are Burpee Seeds non-GMO?

Are Burpee Seeds non-GMO?

I always wondered if Burpee Seeds are non-GMO because they do sell organic seeds.  So I sent an email to the company and I was happy to get the reply copied below.  Then I asked if they were going to sign the Safe Seed Pledge and they replied that they are studying it.  The message below is from Rita in the Customer Service Department at Burpee. - Earth Day HP ImageNONE of the varieties offered by Burpee either from very large or very small seed suppliers are GMO (genetically modified or altered) or modified chemically in any way. All of our seeds are sold untreated, so the gardener can choose to plant untreated, or use chemical or organic treatment or supplements as they see fit. Burpee is committed to providing the best “natural” seed portfolio in the industry to our Home Garden customers, and stand behind what we sell.

Customer Service

W. Atlee Burpee & Company

Click on the Burpee graphic above to browse the Burpee Catalog as you plan your garden for this summer and to take advantage of whatever special sale they are having!  Read more about buying non-GMO seeds.

5 thoughts on “Are Burpee Seeds non-GMO?

  1. leduesorelle

    Thanks for posting this information — I was surprised to see Burpee Seeds on Mother Earth News’ list of “Best Vegetable Seed Companies”, but I’m glad to see that they’re offering non-GMO seeds. Better yet would be if they’d sign the Safe Seed Pledge!

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  3. Linda

    If they are non GMO seeds, does that also mean that you can save the seeds from the plants and they will reproduce the following year?

  4. Sandie Anne

    Hi Linda,

    If you want to save seeds for the next year you should use open-pollinated or heirloom seeds. The seeds from hybrid plants will grow the next year but it will not be certain which type of plant you will get.

    Hybrids are produced by crossing 2 different types to produce a 3rd type. For example pollinating a tomato that keeps for a long time with a very flavorful tomato hoping to produce a flavorful tomato that keeps a long time. Once you get the very flavorful tomato that keeps a long time and you save the seeds you can’t be sure that it will continue to produce the very flavorful long-keeping tomato. It could revert back to one of the original tomatoes either the flavorful one or the one that keeps a long time.

    Sandie Anne

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