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Repairing Broken Plant Stalk

Repairing Broken Plant Stalk–Sunflower Repair Operation

Repairing Broken Plant StalkI decided to take on the task of repairing broken plant stalk after a small injury occurred to one of my largest sunflower plants. If you check my last post you will find out how my beautiful sunflower stalk was broken by squirrels eating sunflower plant! I had some long wooden stakes that I had bought.   Thinking I would try to put up some kind of deer fence, but I never managed to do that.  So I pounded that into the ground right next to the almost broken sunflower stalk.

I used this really cool velcro plant tie to tie the stalk to the wooden stake.  I just bought this velcro plant tie this year.  There have been several opportunities to use it and I find it very quick and effective at holding the plants to their stakes.  If you would like to order some see the picture link at the end of this post.  Clear packing tape was next in my repair operation.  I wrapped the stalk where it had cracked starting above the crack and going below the crack.

Sunflower Repair Operation Successful

After a few days I could see that my operation had been successful.  The leaves and flowers looked normal, not wilted or drooping.  My first solution to squirrels eating sunflower plants has worked!  So far, I haven’t seen the squirrel cavorting in the sunflowers.  Though I am sure he will be back.  I am putting out some bird food suet which the squirrels like.  Maybe that will keep the squirrels away from the sunflowers.  One solution on the internet for keeping squirrels away, is to put out other food for them.

Other Sunflowers Damaged by Wind in Rain Storm

We had a bad, windy rainstorm the other night.  I found some more damage to a younger sunflower plant.  Two side branches were almost completely ripped off.  They were barely hanging by much stalk so I decided to just cut them off.  I don’t think there was enough plant material there for water and nutrients to travel up the stalk to nourish those flowers.  So if you decide to work on repairing broken plant stalk, make a personal judgement.  Try to determine if there is enough plant material there for a successful operation.  And if it doesn’t work, you will probably learn something from the experience.  That is why I don’t mind trying these things because I always learn something new!

Squirrels Eating Sunflower Plants

I looked out my window the other day at my garden and saw my sunflower plants waving back and forth. My first thought was that is odd, why are they moving like that? I knew we had deer problems but I never dreamed that the squirrels eating sunflower plants would be a problem! But sure enough there was a squirrel at the top of one of my beautiful sunflowers trying to eat as many seeds as he could. He also seemed to be going after the newly budded flowers. Maybe squirrels consider the small newly formed flowers a delicacy.

These are not the huge sunflowers.  They are the smaller ones called Autumn Beauty.  I plant them for the birds to eat the seeds.  And believe me,  when they are blooming the American Goldfinches are very busy out there!

Squirrels Eating Sunflower Plants-More Than One Problem

Squirrels Eating Sunflower PlantsOk…  so, I thought less flowers, less seeds for the birds and less beauty for us!  I could live with that.  But then I see the squirrel at the very top of one of the plants.  The plants are top heavy anyway because the flowers are heavy.  And all of a sudden the squirrel and the sunflower plant are on the ground.  The sunflower stalk actually broke a little bit.  It didn’t fully crack in half but it was cracked.  Other sunflowers were leaning over, but none had broken.  And there were at least 10 beautiful flowers at the top all growing in different stages.  I did not want to lose this  beautiful plant.

Sunflowers Bring Pollinators and Beautiful Birds

Goldfinch Eating Sunflower Seeds From FlowerThe American Goldfinches love eating these sunflowers.  So I decided I would try to save this beautiful sunflower plant with lots of flowers growing at the top of it.  Autumn Beauty sunflowers come in lots of colors, yellow as you can see in the squirrel picture! See the picture on the left of a goldfinch eating a burnt orange sunflower from this seed packet.  You can see why I would like to save this plant because of all these beautiful bird visitors!  If you would like to order these seeds click on the link below.  See my next post for info on how I saved this sunflower plant.  Here is a youtube video on how to protect your sunflower.