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Eating Raspberries in December

Eating Raspberries in DecemberTwo weeks ago,  I was out in my garden or what is left of it as winter approaches and I saw a few luscious raspberries left on the vines.  They had not frozen in the recent frosts.  So there I was eating raspberries in December!  And they were truly delicious!  One big plus is that as I checked them there was no evidence of insect damage from the the Spotted Wing Drosophila fruit fly.  I am guessing that it has been too cold for it to be here.  Believe it or not the picture above was taken December 6th.

How Is It Possible to be Eating Raspberries in December

One reason that I would be able to be eating raspberries in December is because we have had a beautiful warm autumn.  I think our first night freeze was in the last four weeks near the end of November.  And it wasn’t a very bad frost or we wouldn’t still be getting raspberries!

I planted these raspberries 20 years ago.  I got them from my Dad who still has raspberries growing in his garden and he is almost 86 years old.  He doesn’t remember the name of them or where he got them.  They are ever-bearing raspberries.  That means that they bloom in the spring with the fruit ripening in the early summer.  Then they bloom again in the fall for a second crop.  My father commented that he has given a away a lot of these to friends and acquaintances.  These raspberries are growing in many gardens as a result of my father sharing.  Of course that is one of the fun things about gardening, sharing cuttings or seeds of unique plants that you have planted in your garden.