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Seeds Did Not Grow

Seeds Did Not GrowIt is bound to happen, that at some point, your seeds did not grow. You prepared the bed nicely, watered and then the seeds did not grow. This has happened to me several times and it happens to all gardeners. And you never really know why it happens. Maybe you used old seed, maybe you used new seed and there was something wrong with it. For me I think it has happened because I planted too early. For several years now my sugar snap peas have only germinated here and there. I used to plant March 15 and I would have a bumper crop of Sugar Snap Peas.  This year I planted near the end of March. Once on March 26 and only 5 seeds grew out of 124 that I planted. Yes I actually counted the seeds because of my previous few years’ failures. Then I planted on March 31st and mostly all the seeds germinated. Only 5 days difference but I did use different varieties of Sugar Snaps.  You can see in the picture above one of the five plants that grew.  How disappointing to look at all that black dirt with no little baby sugar snaps growing…

Seeds Did Not Grow-What Did I Do Wrong

This was so upsetting to me that I decided I was going to look for the seeds. After all, 124 seeds are a lot of seeds just to not grow! I started digging through the bed and they were nowhere to be found. Then I found a few and they were total mush! So I am assuming the germination condtions were not correct. Maybe it was still too cold. And they just deteriorated in the soil. Of course, I had been watering them so if they weren’t sprouting it makes sense that they would decompose.

What To Learn From This Experience?

I bring this up because I want to point out 2 different ways to approach failures in the garden:
1. Just plant more seeds if you still have time in the season.
2. Plant lots of things so  you will have successes and failures.
Second Planting of Sugar Snap PeasThis year I still had time so I planted more seeds. You can see from the picture below that I had great success the second time. Also I had planted onions at the same time and they are doing beautifully. So even though I was upset that the seeds did not grow, I could look over to the onions and feel great. And KNOW that there are always successes and failures in the garden!

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