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Carrot Pulp and Composting Worms

What do carrot pulp and composting worms have to do with each other?  And, by the way, what is carrot pulp?  Composting worms happen to love carrot pulp.  Carrot pulp is what you get after juicing carrots.  What a great discovery!  Now I have a great use for all that carrot pulp from my juicer.

We haven’t juiced for years and I decided to get back into making fresh carrot juice for breakfast.  Fortunately I kept my juicer over the last 30 years.  I never gave it away or sold it. I am very thankful about that now.  I have a Champion juicer which was and is a very high quality juice machine.  Mine works like new and is doing a great job making delicious carrot juice and providing great nutrition for my red wiggler worm composting bin.  All I had to do is drag it up from the basement.  It is very heavy which is indicative of its very powerful motor.

Experimenting with Carrot Pulp and Composting Worms

I put my first batch of carrot pulp in the red wiggler worm bin not quite sure how it would work out.  I checked them two days later–most of the carrot pulp had been eaten by the worms.  They were all crawling over it and under it and having a great party!  The carrot pulp works out so well because it is so ground up creating much more surface area and also creating “bite-size” morsels for the worms.  So they break it down much faster than larger food pieces.

It attracts them like watermelon rinds, cantaloupe skin and butternut squash.  I guess you could say they have a sweet tooth!

A few tips for using carrot pulp in the composting worm bin:

  • Spread it out–don’t leave it in thick clumps–so it stays aerobic.
  • Make sure you cover it completely with bedding in order to avoid fruit flies.

Carrot pulp can also be used for cooking.  It is a great filler for meatballs and you can use it in muffins and cakes.  Here is a link for 20 ways to use carrot pulp instead of feeding it to the worms.

I highly recommend the Champion juicer if you decide to start juicing.  I bought mine over 30 years ago and it still works great now!  It makes great carrot juice!