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Red Wiggler Compared to a Nightcrawler Earthworm

Red Wiggler Compared to a NIghtcrawler EarthwormHere is a picture of a red wiggler compared to a nightcrawler earthworm. While digging in my garden last Sunday, I noticed this very large nightcrawler earthworm.  It was certainly a beautiful speciman of an earthworm.  I have found some large ones in my garden but this one was huge! I decided this was a great photo opportunity to show the difference between how nightcrawlers and red wigglers look.  The red wigglers in the picture are full size–amazing isn’t it?

Here is a video on separating out red wigglers and what to do if your worm compost is too wet.

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I have created an informational PowerPoint video turned into a movie, as an Introduction to Worm Composting. It is an excellent narrated presentation using my photos, text and video clips for a great Intro to Worm Composting. I give you a heads up about what mistakes I have made so you won’t have to make them yourself! You can download the Power Point/video to your computer for $1.99 or rent it for $.99. Click on this link which will take you to Gumroad, a secure site, where I sell my products:

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Here is a preview of my PowerPoint video:  the Introduction and Chapter 1:

Building a Birds Nest

Building a Birds NestWho would believe that a robin would care about building a birds nest and what materials go into it? One expects the little twigs and grass but I had an interesting experience with a robin in my yard!

One day while I was working in my garden, I noticed a robin in my neighbor’s yard continually trying to pick up some curling ribbon. He was just not successful and very frustrated as he tried over and over again to pick it up.  Once he flew away I, being a very curious person, went over to see why he couldn’t pick it up.  Lo and behold, it was attached to a deflated mylar balloon and the hose was laying across the ribbon further up.  So it was impossible to pick up this ribbon.

I found it very interesting that the robin wanted this pretty, shiny ribbon for its nest.  Why would a robin even care?  But I guess they have their decorating requirements just like we do.  I couldn’t resist giving him a helping hand.  So I cut off the ribbon and brought it and put it under the place where the robin was building the nest.  Then I went inside for a while.

When I came out you can see the results from the picture.  The ribbon was now a part of the nest!! Nature never ceases to amaze me!

Composting Made Easy in the Kitchen

Composting Made Easy in the Kitchen
There are a few products that help composting made easy in the kitchen. It is great to compost–doing great things for the earth and our environment but how do you store all those kitchen scraps??
Here is the ultimate in recycling by making composting easy in the kitchen. I save all my old plastic storage bags (recycling step 1) and then I re-use them to put my kitchen scraps in (recycling step 2!). I used to hate to throw away these bags after one use so this is a great solution for me.

This trash can is the perfect place to put the filled plastic bags. When a bag is full I zip it up and place it into this container on my back porch–easily accessible but not in the kitchen.

This is a great trash can for storing kitchen scraps because it is not too large with a very close-fitting lid. I use it most of the winter to store the kitchen scraps. Most of the time it is so cold that the scraps don’t decompose; so they don’t smell bad. I actually have 2 of these trash cans.

When I am ready, I take all the stuff to the Compact Compost Tumbler in one trip. This makes it easier when it is really cold. I have found these trash cans to be so helpful. And I don’t have to worry about any wildlife getting into them. The lid is well secured and there is no plastic to chew through. They also sell these at Home Depot.

This kitchen compost bucket is what I started with but my kids adopted it. With a carbon activated filter in the top, it is odor free if emptied on a regular basis.

It is smaller so it fills up faster but the size and design make it convenient to keep in the kitchen. It is easy to wash and easy for kids to carry out to the compost bin. My grandchildren used to bring it over all the time to dump into my compostumbler (they live right behind me!). Now they have their own compost pile so it is a short trip for them to dump it out.