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Brookside Gardens in Wheaton Regional Park

Pink Rose Brookside GardensIf you have an opportunity to visit Brookside Gardens in Wheaton Regional Park take it!  Brookside Gardens is in Wheaton, Maryland which is a suburb of Washington DC.  Last summer I was in the area so I took the opportunity to visit and thoroughly enjoyed it.

There is a greenhouse there, a beautiful pond with a gazebo.  Lots of different flower gardens.  It is really a gorgeous garden with lots of walkways, azalea gardens, rose gardens with plants for sale in the summer.  I got a beautiful oregano plant.  Depending on the season you will see beautiful flowers and scenery with amazing walks throughout the gardens.

Some of the attractions are:

  1. Anderson Pavilion–Sweet scented climbing roses and fragrant flowering shrubs
  2. Aquatic GardenDuck and Turtle Brookside Gardens
  3. Azalea Garden
  4. Conservatories
  5. Formal Gardens Perennial, Yew and Maple Terrace
  6. Fragrance Garden
  7. Gude Garden Sculpted ponds, rolling hills Japanese Tea House
  8. Labyrinth–silent walking meditation
  9. Rose Garden
  10. Trial Garden
  11. Viburnum Garden
  12. Winter Garden
  13. Woodland Garden

Brookside Gardens in Wheaton Regional ParkIf you have kids there is a Nature center –Brookside Nature Center right next door to the gardens.  You can make a day of it and you will have a wonderful time.  There are picnic tables at the Nature Center.  Above is a duck communing with a turtle in the large pond.  You can sit in the shade in a beautiful gazebo overlooking the pond and the rolling hills.  There are benches around the edges in the gazebo.  To the left is one of the formal gardens. There is something for everyone between the Nature Center and the Gardens. Visit and feast your eyes on the beauty!  Enjoy the peace and tranquility!

Compost Your Leaves

Compost your leaves!  They are great browns for the compost pile.  It might still be possible to rake your leaves and save them for composting. See Composting Autumn Leaves.  Leaves are a perfect “brown” or carbon for the compost pile.  And they are so free and plentiful.  Every year I collect bags of leaves and save them for throughout the year for composting.  It is so wonderful to throw a bunch of leaves and kitchen scraps into the Compact ComposTumbler .  A great way to get rid of your kitchen scraps which would otherwise be going to the landfill!