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Have a Heart Trap for Groundhog

The Have a Heart trap for groundhog worked great at trapping the groundhog in my yard. Here is a great video of a groundhog getting trapped in a Have a Heart Groundhog Trap. Thanks to Dwebb210 on YouTube! He just goes right into the trap without any bait trail. He was a lot easier to catch than the groundhog that lived in my yard! (See Garden Visitor to see the first part of this story which took place last summer.)

Havahart Trap for Groundhogs

Using a Havahart Trap for Groundhogs

Havahart Trap for GroundhogAt this point the groundhog was totally ignoring the Havahart trap. But I eventually trapped him.  (See Garden Visitor to see the first part of this story which took place last summer.) I put apples and melon in it because I heard that groundhogs liked these fruits. But I had no luck. Then I learned that I needed to make a trail into the cage using apples as bait. It was not enough just to put the bait at the end of the cage where the trigger was. So I cut up an apple and started with pieces every 12 inches outside the cage leading into the cage. At the back of the cage I put the biggest piece of apple to make it worth it for the groundhog to come all the way into the cage–his grand prize!

The Havahart Cage Worked Great Trapping the Groundhog

I watched from the window for a while and sure enough he emerged from under the shed sniffing around the apples.  He began eating them one by one.  Then all of a sudden he ran under the shed.  Something had scared him.  It took a while for him to come out again.  I didn’t have time to watch any more.  When I returned to check on him–lo and behold he was trapped in the cage!  Yeah!  Once I knew how to arrange the bait the Havahart Groundhog Trap worked beautifully. See the picture of him in the cage at the top of this post.  In a way he is very cute, but he lunged at me within the cage several times.  His teeth looked very sharp–not an animal you want to mess with!