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Wire Compost Bin Works Great!

This wire compost bin works great!  Here is a picture of it when I started at the end of May.  It is very important to layer with greens and browns.   Greens are considered high in nitrogen like weeds and kitchen scraps and browns are high in carbon like leaves and sawdust.Wire Compost Bin

I had a lot of weeds from this years garden–a huge pile.  I had to do something with them because my compost tumbler was full and the compost was not finished yet.  So I decided to buy and try out this wire compost bin.   It is around $35, a lot less than other compost bins and easy to put together!  I layered the weeds with old dried up leaves.  I didn’t have time to shred them so I just threw them in.  Every once in a while I would put some almost finished compost and regular dirt in the layers.  I didn’t use kitchen scraps because I didn’t want any animal visitors.

After I bought this wire bin, I read that it is important to hold the heat from the composting process in the bin.  A wooden composter was recommended which I am not interested in.  Too heavy and bulky for me.  So I added cardboard to the sides to help with holding the heat in.  I will share more of this composting process in the next post!  It is amazing to see the process!  Learn more about using greens and browns.

Update 11/19/13

I have used this bin several times now to create compost and the cardboard around the edges was not necessary.


When to Pick Cucumbers

When to Pick CucumbersWhen to pick cucumbers is a tricky question.  They can grow really fast, especially if there is a lot of rain.  I recommend checking your plants every day or two.  We were away for 2 days and at the left you can see my overgrown cucumbers!  On the far right in the picture is a regular size cucumber.  They are still edible when they are really fat but the seeds are bigger and they are not quite as good.  So watch your cucumber plants carefully so you can harvest cucumbers at the optimal size.  Size here is not better!