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Creating Black Gold with My Compost Tumbler

Creating Black Gold with My Compost TumblerCreating black gold with my compost tumbler is one of the delights of composting for me.  Compost is called “black gold” because it is so good for building up the soil.  It is an amazing miracle how you can put all those rotting, stinking vegetables into the composter and they transform into black, crumbly, earthy smelling compost.  Of course,  it is not just kitchen scraps alone.

Creating Black Gold with My Compost Tumbler by Balancing Greens and Browns

The vegetable scraps have to be balanced with the browns or carbon.  I use shredded leaves.  Another miracle is when you mix the greens and browns together.  The kitchen scraps can smell awful and after you mix them with lots of shredded leaves the smell goes away very quickly and the composting process begins!  The compost can also be too wet.  When you mix in some browns or carbon the moisture is absorbed.

Second Batch of Compost Was Much Quicker!

My second batch with my compost tumbler finished in 7 weeks instead of 3 1/2 months like the first batch.  I am understanding the green and brown process much better.  This batch was much hotter.  When I removed the door I could see steam coming off, even on a hot summer morning.  I could feel the heat.  This means the compostumbler was working great.

I Highly Recommend the Compact Compostumbler

I am using the Compact Compost Tumbler.  It is so easy to turn, aerating the compost to speed up the process.  I got 3 wheelbarrows full of compost this time.  It is great to have that much compost to spread around the garden.  This is the mid-sized compostumbler.

This composter is well worth the price because it is easy to turn. It produces great compost almost effortlessly without any worry of wildlife visitors.  It is very well designed and well made.  It can easily handle all the weight of the compost when it is full.  The gears are designed so it is easy even for a small person to turn it, even though it is heavy.


The Giant Zucchini-Children’s Book Review

The Giant Zucchini-A Charming Kid’s Book About Gardening & Big DreamsThe Giant Zucchini-Children's Book Review

It’s time to write about a great book: The Giant Zucchini-Children’s Book Review.  After writing about what to do with a giant zucchini growing in the garden and sharing a delicious recipe in the last two posts, I’d like to do a book review on a funny, fantasy story about gardening and big dreams.  In The Giant Zucchini by Catherine Siracusa, Robert Squirrel and Edgar Mouse grow a special giant zucchini and want to win first prize in the giant zucchini contest.  They start off with one giant seed.  But, unfortunately, that giant seed produces a tiny zucchini.

The Giant Zucchini-Children’s Book Review is About Hopes, Dreams and Being Determined

They decide to put it in the fair anyway, with hopes and dreams that it will win the prize for the smallest zucchini.  They are very determined to make a success out of their zucchini which they so lovingly grew.  Then they discover that their zucchini has magical powers.  It starts growing when they sing to it.  By the time they get to the fair it is huge.  When they get to the fair they run into more problems with Humphrey Hog.

Beautifully Illustrated Children’s Book About Hope for Success

This is a beautifully illustrated children’s book about gardening, hope for success and being a good loser and winner.  It is a charming story with lots of fantasy.  My grandchildren love this story and ask for it to be read over and over.  Once we had misplaced the book for a while and they went to find it so we could read it again!!

It is an older book so you can order it from for about $.75 or from Amazon for $.01.  The postage costs much more than the book.