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Free Red Worms-Start Worm Composting Now

Free Red Worms-Start Worm Composting Now

Free Red WormsThis is an offer for all my blog readers in the United States not including Alaska and Hawaii.  The perfect chance to go green and start worm composting!!  My red worms keep multiplying so I would like to give some away.  I am having a Free Red Worm Giveaway Contest.  All you need to do is post a comment to this page and tell me what kind of worm bin you are going to use and when you will have it readily available.  Then look over my blog and find a post that interests you and post another comment!!!  Simple!  On July 4th, 2011 I will draw the winner out of a hat and will announce it on this blog!

250 Red Worms Free!

This offer includes 250 mostly adult red worms which equals about 1/4 lb of worms.  They will be shipped in damp shredded newspaper with some worm castings by priority mail.  Also included will be many worm cocoons which will hatch into baby worms to populate your worm bin.  They will be shipped out July 5th or July 11th depending on the temperatures.  The package will arrive with delivery confirmation.  If there are any problems you must call within one hour of the delivery, otherwise I will assume the worms got there safely.  Please open your package and put the worms in their new home immediately.  I will email you when they are shipped.

More information on Worm Composting

Here are 2 links about What Worms Eat and More Info on How to Feed Worms.  I thought you might like to read over these blog posts to see how easy it is to feed red wigglers.  Here is a post on Cheap and Easy Vermi-composting Bins.  Having a worm bin does not mean that you have to spend a lot of money.  Good Luck to everyone!